Kerkyra, better know as Corfu town, needs little introduction as a tourist destination. The Old Venetian City in particular with its two towering fortresses on either side, now a UNESCO World heritage site, is full of charming narrow streets, neo classic mansions, palaces, gardens, has the largest square in the Balkans, all surrounded by the Ionian Sea.

It is also a place where one can exercise the shutter of a camera, offering a tremendous range of subject and backdrops in a very small area, like a Hollywood production stage, but centuries old and authentic.

There is very little you cannot discover all by yourselves in a days walk, in fact, I highly recommend any photo enthusiast to loose themselves in the narrow back streets of the old city, alone, phone set to silent and indulge in a visual feast. Unless you are pressed for time, you really do not need a guide.

Which is why this in not a guided photographic tour of where to stand and  press the button. It is an opportunity to practice your skills of photography, pushing your own boundaries of comfort with my assistance whenever needed. Kerkyra is not just picturesque, it is technically very diverse and challenging to photograph, making it one of the best and easy places to learn through practice.

Pack your gear, charge your batteries and make a note of questions you have.  This little walk is all about learning through practice and practicing what you learn.

From 10am - 4pm
5hrs (+1hr breaks)
Max. participants : 10

Price  € 55.00 /pp
Subjects Covered

There are few places in the world that offer so much visual diversity in such a small places, so its pointless to start listing what subjects you can photograph, it really comes down to your preferences.

Since the primary objective is to practice your skills, I would recommend you concentrate on subject and/or techniques you would like to improve on, that way you can minimize the equipment you have to carry ( if you have a lot ), more importantly don't spend your time on subjects you are good at, take advantage of asking whatever question you have and learn all you can.
You will need

Obviously your camera equipment, comfortable walking shoes and sun protection. That's all you will really need to bring.

The meeting point is Café Conserva right next to the main Corfu City (blue) bus station, in San Rocco Square. Come a little early if you need a coffee, or to clean your lenses.

Before setting of, I like to spend a little time answering any question you may have and give a few general pointers.

The first part of the day will be spent mostly along the coastline, the New fortress and spots with nice points of view, before the Sun rises too high.

Following a shot (30min) break we move into the Old City, by which time the light start to penetrate the narrow streets and we can stay cool(er) in the shadows.

This will make for a wide range of shooting opertunitites from the simplest to the most challenging, while allowing a lot of personal freedom as to what and how you shoot.


At the charismatic ArtHouse café hidden deep inside the narrow streets of the old city. It is one of the few places with its own unique character and offers a quite place to meet. Apart from the usual selection of drinks and coffees there is a good selection of wines and a small selection of fresh, home made small dishes, perfect for a light lunch.

Finding the place can be a little tricky so you are well advised to use the GPS on your phones. It is an easy 10min walk from either the central bus station of San Rocco, or the big car park by the Old Fortress.

If in trouble, find the Church of St. Spiridon, ask or call for help.

This class is limited to 10 participants only, so it is essential to reserve a seat. Just fill in the form below and you will receive an e-mail confirming the availability, or not, of seats.

You can pay at the door either by cash or credit card.

If for any reason you will not be able to make it,  please notify as soon as possible.
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