In 2007 a fruit company introduced a communications device which transformed the world of photography. Strange as it may sound, Apple's iPhone put more cameras in peoples hands in a decade, than all camera manufacturers since the invention of the camera, very impressive. What is not so impressive though is that smartphones and modern digital cameras, clever as they are becoming, are making us lazy.

Having the abilty to take a snap shot with virtually no photographic skills is revolutionary. It really has changed the way imaging is used today, all the more reason to learn, at the very least, the essential skills of how to use this powerful means of communication.

Not everyone needs, or wants to be a keen photographer, but everyone is using photography in their everyday life, be it for work or pleasure. Typing on a keyboard was the privilege of secretaries, just a few decades ago. Who can avoid it today ? Knowing the fundamental skills of capturing images has become an integral part of modern life.

This short, easy course is about learning the very minimum every person needs to know to capture a good image, irrespective of camera. There are inevitably some technical matters which have to be dealt with, but this is mostly a practical course, with emphasis on getting the shot, not how to get the perfect shot.  

For the majority of people this course will cover almost everything they will ever need to know about photography in their daily lives. Of course it may also prompt you to go beyond the basics and become a great photographer.

If you, or your friends, are not happy after every 'click' you make, this course is for you.

From 11am - 4pm
4hrs (+1hr breaks)
Max. participants : 12

Price  € 45.00 /pp
Subjects Covered

- Optimizing camera settings.
- Choosing shooting modes.
- Handling and controls.
- Getting the exposure right.
- Framing and Focusing.
- Getting the shot.
- Shooting Video.
- Selecting, sorting and deleting.
- Cropping and minor adjustment.
Course Structure

This course is in two equal parts. The first half of the day is spent getting to know your equipment and learning all the necessary technical aspects, while keeping it nice and simple. Its more about understanding a few key elements than having to remember it all. Once your cameras are setup the way it suits your own preferences, there is very little to remember.

The second half of the day is devoted to learning the actual skills of taking photos and videos by heading out to the charming streets of the old city, where you will have the opportunity to experiment and have your questions answered as they appear.

You will need

Any digital camera and fully charged batteries.

Sun protection for the second part of the day.

At the charismatic ArtHouse café hidden deep inside the narrow streets of the old city. It is one of the few places with its own unique character and offers a quite place to meet. Apart from the usual selection of drinks and coffees there is a good selection of wines and a small selection of fresh, home made small dishes, perfect for a light lunch.

Finding the place can be a little tricky so you are well advised to use the GPS on your phones. It is an easy 10min walk from either the central bus station of San Rocco, or the big car park by the Old Fortress.

If in trouble, find the Church of St. Spiridon, ask or call for help.

This class is limited to 12 participants only, so it is essential to reserve a seat. Just fill in the form below and you will receive an e-mail confirming the availability, or not, of seats.

You can pay at the door either by cash or credit card.

If for any reason you will not be able to make it,  please notify as soon as possible.
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