Its no secret that the camera we all use the most, is the one we carry the most, in other words our smartphones. But good as they are, they will never replace a camera with a proper lens, which is why many people invest in a DSLRs or other advanced digital camera. Therefore it stands to reason that the purpose of carrying a big heavy camera and a bag of accessories is when you need better pictures than a smartphone.

But what makes little sense to me is to be shooting with a DSLR set permanently in fully AUTOmatic mode ! Seriously, what is the point ?  Getting better results than a smartphone means venturing beyond what the camera will do in AUTO and utilize the capabilities of your equipment.

Fun fact. If set to AUTO most smartphones will often outperform expensive DSLR cameras !!!

This is what this course is all about. To help you discover the full potential of your equipment and help you take the first steps into capturing great shots. It will introduce numerous technical aspects of cameras and photography, but just enough to grasp their importance and effect on the result. It will also help you develop the basic handling skills of these cameras. Purists will insist the only way to shoot with a DSLR is in full manual mode and while there is a lot of truth in that, as a starting point we will concentrate on how to get the most out of semi-automatic modes, notably Aperture and Speed Priority modes.

Perhaps its worth noting that this course will also benefit those of you with the latest generations of smartphone cameras which offer similar functionality and control as a DLSR and would like to use their full potential.

If you have been afraid, but wanting to move past the AUTO mode on your camera,  this course for you.

From 11am - 4pm
4hrs (+1hr breaks)
Max. participants : 12

Price  € 45.00 /PP
You will need

Any digital camera with Manual,  Aperture and Speed priority capabilities. Typically this would be a DSLR or hybid, but high end smartphones will also do.

There is no special requirement on lenses, or anything else.

A good nights sleep would also be very helpful. 
Subjects Covered

- Understanding PASM.
- Optimizing your camera settings.
- How lens choice affects images.
- Mastering Aperture Priority.
- Optimizing image qualities.
- The steps before taking a shot.
Course Structure

Be prepared to dip you toes in some deeper waters with this course, as there is a certain degree of technical staff that needs to be understood. Specifically the effect(s) the settings of a lens have on the final look of an image.

There are of course other factors which affect the look of an image, but the most significant and least understood is that of the lens, which will explain why shooting in Aperture priority is so widely used.

I should make it clear that this course is not about taking nice pictures, its about learning a whole new way of shooting, Most of the time will be dedicated to learning and practicing new techniques.

At the charismatic ArtHouse café hidden deep inside the narrow streets of the old city. It is one of the few places with its own unique character and offers a quite place to meet. Apart from the usual selection of drinks and coffees there is a good selection of wines and a small selection of fresh, home made small dishes, perfect for a light lunch.

Finding the place can be a little tricky so you are well advised to use the GPS on your phones. It is an easy 10min walk from either the central bus station of San Rocco, or the big car park by the Old Fortress.

If in trouble, find the Church of St. Spiridon, ask or call for help.

This class is limited to 12 participants only, so it is essential to reserve a seat. Just fill in the form below and you will receive an e-mail confirming the availability, or not, of seats.

You can pay at the door either by cash or credit card.

If for any reason you will not be able to make it,  please notify as soon as possible.
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